We're Coming Back

2008-06-21 05:28:07 by kirkslater

Hi guys (is anyone there?)

Just a quick message to let you know that Skullhead is on his way back to Newgrounds!
Its been a while, I know, but this idea could not be past by, so watch this space....

Kirk + the Skullhead gang


2008-02-13 03:11:24 by kirkslater

Ok, so its been a while....
I still need to find a job and the motivation for creating Skullhead and 'friends' is dying out.
What do you guys think?
Should there be more, or should I move on?

Many thanx for all your comments and reviews, I'm glad some of you out there loved Skullhead.


PS. I'm open to hear any new ideas anyone has for a story of skullhead

New stuff online

2007-08-05 07:01:42 by kirkslater


WOOHOO Skullhead now has his own series on newgrounds!!!
Cheers newgrounds!

New 'Before the Attic' online now, so check it out
skullhead in Indiana Jones!!

Many thanks for all your reviews and views :D


Getting Started.....

2007-07-20 13:13:06 by kirkslater

Yo guys and dolls,

A new Skullhead cartoon has been started today........
Just thought you might like to know (plus I wanted to use the new post thingy on my homepage)